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Build muscles


In this blog post you’ll learn the 3 most important exercises to build muscles. Beginners who want to start doing exercises have often times no clue how to start and what is important and what not. With this mini guide, you’ll be able to develop a more muscular physique and that with only a small amount of exercises.

The Idea

The idea is pretty much simple: Instead of focusing on many different range of motions and training exercises, you focus on the 3 main body movements that use almost all muscles groups. By doing so, you make sure to train all muscles and start developing an balanced physique. Often times beginners tend to train only the parts that they like’d to see ‘bigger’.  This is totally fine, but its also important to have a balanced physique, otherwise you will underdeveloped certain areas and will face lifting problems along the way. You can still do some extra rounds on your ‘favourite’ muscle afterwards.

Squats – Full Body Exercise

Squats are probably one of the most famous exercises besides the bench press. It not only activates almost all muscle groups in the body, but also needs a lot of coordination. in order to do this exercise correctly. It also trains your balance and can be varied in many different ways. The most important thing with squats in order to build muscles is to be at all time completely straight with your back. Don’t tilt forward or backwards, otherwise you lift with your back, instead of your muscles, which is something you don’t want and want to prevent at all times. You want to make sure to go really deep and push only up with your feet and your glutes.

  • Start with a low weight that feels comfortable for you.
  • Put your feet in a wide stance (make sure its not too wide, just don’t stand too close with your feet together)
  • Pull the bar behind your neck and while doing so, push your glutes a little back.
  • Go slowly down, while maintaining a straight back. Only your legs and your ‘butt’ should move and go down, the rest should be not moving at all.
  • Go down till your butt is at the same height as your knees or even slightly under them
  • Push with your feet back up.
  • Repeat for 5-10 times x 3

You can increase the weight for it after you feel comfortable doing the 5-10 x 3. Add simply 5-10 pounds and repeat the process until you feel comfortable.

The Squats will activate many muscle groups, by doing so, you train your whole body without the need of doing any isolated exercises.


The pushups are many people’s favourite exercise, since it trains the chest and is easy to do. Other than with squats, it doesn’t take too much coordination or preparation. The only thing that is important is that your back is, as with almost all exercises, completely straight. By doing so, you make sure that the chest muscles (the so called ‘pecs’) will hold your weight together with your triceps and the deltas.

To start the exercise, simply pull down until your ‘nipples’ almost touch the ground. Slowly pull up. You can ‘attack’ different areas of the chest muscle by varying your arm position. The wider your arms are, the more you train the outer areas of your chest. The more they are together, the more you train the inner area of your chest. Start with a standard position, where you arms are not too wide but also not to narrow. You can later alway vary with the positions.

Like with the squat exercise, do 5-10 pushups x 3. You can increase the amount of pushups when you feel comfortable with the 5-10 schedule. Of course, you could also do bench press: It follows the exact same rules but instead of you laying on the floor, you lay on a bench and press the weight away from you. Pushups are likewise a better exercise, since you can do them almost everywhere and simply add more volume instead of more weight.



Now Pullups are also a very famous exercise. The exercise activates your deltas, your biceps, your whole upper back and even your abs. Pullups are an excellent exercise that can be done almost everywhere, you just need to find something where you can pull yourself up to. Most places have areas with pull up bars, but you could also find a tree which is strong enough to hold you.


Pullups also require a straight back. The problem with pull-ups is, that most people use ‘swinging’ in order to pull them up. This will not train your muscles, but actually harm your joints in the long term. Some people have problems doing pull-ups in order to build muscles and avoid this exercise. They can’t even lift them up for one single time. But don’t be scared, its totally fine to do this exercise even for one single repeat. If you only can pull yourself up to a small amount, thats also totally fine. Just make sure that you do pull-ups 3 times a week and you’ll see that just after a few weeks you’ll be able to lift your self up. After a while you’ll be able to do full repeats! Just stick to it!

A good starting point is also a 5-10 x 3 routine, once you are able to do pull-ups properly. Of course, you could also add some weights to your body or change arm positions to hit different parts of your back.



With those simple 3 movements (except for the squat) you basically are ready to build muscles and achieve a more muscular physique. If you can find a tree branch that would work as a bar, you are even set to go to do all those 3 exercises without an gym. For the pull ups you could use some tree as well. Some places offer also calisthenics stations, where you are also able to do all exercises. But the most important thing is that you’ll build muscles without too much worries about which exercise you should do or which not. Especially as a beginner, too many exercises can be overwhelming and are absolutely not necessary. When you work your core muscle groups, your body will grow balanced. Later, at a stage where you body has adapted to this regime, you can start doing a more ‘complex’ program. But even now its totally fine if you want to add some isolated exercises, such as bicep curls or pull backs for the triceps.  Its totally up to you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned a lot! If you have any further questions, let me know and make sure to follow me on twitter: My Twitter Account