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Chlorella – Support your liver and detox your body


Many people don’t know what chlorella is, even though it’s probably one of the best supplement’s you can buy. It contain’s so many different nutrients that its really hard to find another supplement with the same benefits for your body. Not only contain’s chlorella many different nutrients, it also helps detoxifying your body by binding toxins inside your gut and digestion system.


Chlorella – Benefits for your body

Chlorella has a lot of different abilities. It plays a huge role when it comes to detoxing. Chlorella has the ability to bind toxins in your gut and digestion system. Chlorella contains many key minerals, such as: magnesium, potassium and calcium. It contain’s almost all important amino acids, so it’s also a great way to alkalize your body and great to support metabolic rate / building up muscles.


When you, for example, try to lose weight, chlorella can help your body by supporting it with its toxin binding ability. When you have to deal with an leaky gut, its also very useful to bind toxins that cause inflammation inside your gut. Less inflammation mean’s less stress for your body in general and your endocrine system.

When somebody detoxes, headaches are an common thing. Chlorella reduces those side effects drastically. After a few minutes you’ll feel less headache.


What are good Chlorella Supplements?


There are many brands out there. Basically every from of chlorella is helpful, however, i found the pellets form to be the most useful form and most effective. The only down side effect here is that you need to swallow a lot of chlorella pellets (but they are very tiny, so swallowing 10-20 at one time are not that hard).

Chlorella Pellets / Tabs


For people who have trouble swallowing pellets, i recommend:

Chlorella Powder

How long should i take it?


As long as you want! Often times, if you take it for the first time, every day till you finished one pack, you can purchase another one and take it once a while, when you feel like it. Other’s take it for 6 months straight or even longer. It’s completely up to you and how much detox or support your body needs. There are no real side effects with chlorella, especially not, if you take the recommended dosages.


Have a great day!