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CM Punk: Okay, before i start: Im not a hater by any means. Normally, i wouldn’t even comment on such a thing, because i think: each on their own. If CM Punks wants to do MMA and compete, hey, why not? But we all cannot forget the fact that he shows himself in front of many people. Many. The UFC sold lately for 4 Billion US$ Dollar. We are talking about a big company with a big following audience.

The usual fight

Normally you would have 2 guys fighting each other in the UFC at a similar level. Given the fact that Dana White only brings in top level elite athletes, its pretty understandable why the level is #1 high and #2 pretty close to their opponent. When the usual UFC fan watches a fight, he normally doesn’t think about the level of skill that is necessary to fight at such a high level. It takes years to become so good and that doesn’t guarantee you to win. The only ways to get a feeling of how high the actual skill level actually is, is to have a friend who fights and explains it to you or do it by yourself. Anyway, the average UFC fan is used to see high skill level athletes compete and smash each other heads in. Lately, with guys like Connor McGregor or Chael Sonnen we have some good trash talkers who give you also some more entertainment beside the usual fight itself.

Mickey Gall and CM Punk after Gall's debut fight in the UFC.

Mickey Gall and CM Punk after Gall’s debut fight in the UFC.

CM Punk’s problem:

The problem with CM Punk‘s debut was that he tried to be a pro fighter, without any past background in Martial Art’s. That was one of hist biggest No No’s beside his incredible high age to start Martial Art. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that with an age of 37 years it to late to start MMA, im saying that it’s to late to start a professional career as an MMA Fighter. With 37 years, most MMA Fighter are already retiring or at least considering it doing it in the near future. Most MMA Fighters start doing a Martial Art between the age of 10-19 and from then start to grow as an athlete. But even if CM Punk would have an Martial Art background, giving his age it’s still a huge disadvantage for him.

CM Punk Promotion


“Only” 2 Injuries along the line to his UFC Debut in 203.

I’m honestly shocked about this thing. CM Punk seemed to be disappointing by his journey and almost seemed like his really surprised that he faced injuries during his preparation’s to become a professional MMA Fighter. I’m surprised as well, but more due the fact that he had “only” 2 injuries along his way at the age of 37. I know that being a former WWE Wrestler takes a lot of encourage, skills and overall fitness. But going into a real fight, with almost no rules takes even more. Everyone who ever grappled in a sparring or even real match know’s how much it drains the body. Being 37 years old and having no martial doesn’t makes it easier.

CM Punk UFC 203: After the fight against Mickey Gall.

CM Punk UFC 203: After the fight against Mickey Gall.


CM Punk says one thing and then another thing

Everyone who watched the UFC series on CM Punk’s journey were introduced to a altruistic persona, who’s motto was: “Stepping in the octagon is already a win for me”. Well, that sounded a little bit, let’s say, a little bit “confusing”. Non then less, after his UFC Debut we saw a inspirational CM Punk in the octagon, who encouraged the people and even Mickey Gall to believe in them self. Nothing wrong with that. In fact, it’s good to see someone losing and still being positive! But that changed quickly after the fight in the post fight conference. Out of the nowhere, CM Punk says: “I lost. It sucks! It’s embarrassing. I’m just too hard on myself!”. Well, so what now? First he tries to play it off, then he’s out of the nowhere sad about the fact that he lost? I don’t get it. Also, after that, he started to cry. I can understand that he feels sad and that his emotions were high, he trained for 2 years almost everyday and than lost after almost 2 min in his first round. But why did he preached than his “it’s about the journey, not the goal!” nonsense?


The better way

CM Punk said in his octagon interview, that he had the time of his live and want’s to continue his journey as an MMA fighter. But he also mentioned that it could be that he get’s cut from the UFC after his not so good fight debut against Mickey Gall.

Here’s my take on it:

If CM Punk want’s to be an MMA fighter, good for him. He has an athletic background and has already a great following by being a former WWE Champion. But there are two huge obstacles in his way: His age and his non to little existing material art background (even now after this UFC debut and his 2 years of training). Considering the fact that he wanted to fight in the UFC, one of the highest skilled MMA organization in the world, makes it almost impossible.

All respect to him, but why putting all this unnecessary pressure on himself if he already got the money? It’s not like he did it for the money. Or needed money. The only reason CM Punk wanted to immediately compete in the UFC was his ego. He thought he could beat anyone up there. He believed it really. And it seemed like his team mate told him this lie as well. But in the octagon no lies exist. Only pure skill. He got beat up.


CM Punk Press Conference.

CM Punk Press Conference.

He should have first started in an MMA amateur organization, of course, after many years of martial art training. Minimum 3-5 years! You learn only fighting when you fight. No sparring, training session will ever replace a real fight. That’s how you grow. Let’s say, after 10 fight’s he has a record and is 6-4 or so. That would be still horrible for competing in the UFC, again, one of the highest skilled MMA organization, but it would be less unrealistically than going in 0-0.


With that being said, i’m curious how his journey goes and if he ever will fight again. Last but not least: He made a good amount of money in his UFC Debut and did a good pay per view score with his presence.