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Hey there and welcome to todays blog post!

I thought it would be an great idea to talk about DHEA and more specifically, what is good and bad about it. Now DHEA is a very potent hormone which significantly increases Testosterone and Estrogen production inside the body. But because of that it also influences the endocrine system very strong, which could lead to hormone unbalances. With that being said, let’s get started.


The Good

DHEA is used by the body for the testosterone and estrogen production. Just 50mg of DHEA daily increases testosterone significally. The body uses DHEA also to suppress cortisol levels, the stress hormone of the body. By doing so, it general relaxes the adrenal glands and therefore increases the production loop of the sexual hormones. Having a higher testosterone level increases also the bodies metabolic rate, which increases fat burning. Because of the higher testosterone levels, libido increases immediately.

When used in an transdermal form (cream), it’s not really harsh on the body and many people report no side effects or whatsoever. DHEA is also known to support the skin and make it look more youthful.

The Bad

DHEA is a strong hormone. Since DHEA is produced in the adrenal glands, it can lead to a shut down of the bodies own hormone production of it. DHEA can also increase oestrogen in men, something you want to prevent at all times! Higher testosterone levels lead in a long term also to higher oestrogen levels, because of the conversion from testosterone to oestrogen. High oestrogen levels in men can cause many side effects. One of them is the grow of breast tissue, which is something you don’t really want. Finding the right amount of DHEA can be hard, since the conversion rate depends completely on each individual. DHEA should be applied in small dosages to find out the right amount for each individual (starting from 15mg for example).

DHEA can be also a little bit harsh on the liver when taking orally. Therefore someone should always look out for an cream form (for example Life-Flo offers great quality for a great deal).

Since DHEA can also reduce someones own production of it, it should be applied only for a certain period of time. Someone could apply it for a month, take 1-2 months a break and use it again, as an example.