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 How to be more active? Here’s your guide in how to do so!



How to be more active


Ever thought about how to start actually with being more active? No idea how to do it properly? Here’s your how to be more active guide for it. We will talk about in the how to be more active guide about the different obstacles that you will face when you start and depending on your current fitness level, give you different tips that will fit perfectly into your routine, so that making sport, being active is actually fun and not something that makes you feel terrible if you only think about it.





Your current fitness level







If you are not very active, due illness or having a office job: No problem! Even though you will need to start move slowly, you will be still able to gain / success in your goal / activity with my how to be more active guide!  I made a guideline that should make it fun & easy to accomplish!





How to actually start walking / jogging [Less active]?





You could actually just simply start to “walk” or “jog”. But that’s in most cases not the best idea. How do you know that you improved? How do you know that you are not overdoing it? Street or a normal ground? There are many variables that come into. As someone who is new and want’s to start being more active, it can be overwhelming at some time, especially at being consistent and always sticking to the routine! So let’s go!


#1 Find a good flat pathway!


If it’s your first time going for a walk / starting being more active, find a nice walkway. You could choose a walkway in a forest near you or even on a nice quiet street. Make sure to actually ask someone (best case would be your husband / wife). It’s important to start very slow if you current fitness level is not that high! 10 minutes are completely fine for the first time! The more you do it, the more you will be able to do it!


#2 Go 2 times per week and increase slowly!


For the first week, i recommend you to only go for about 10 minutes x 2 times per week! Of course you could increase it, depending on your personal fitness level. However, 10 min x 2 peer week are a good starting point! After the first week, you can start to add 5 minutes to your walks! If you don’t feel like you are already ready for it, wait till you do. Normally you “feel” it when your body adapts to the new activity!


#3 Increase the amount of walks per week


If you are wondering for how long you should stick to the 10 min / 15 min x 2 per week routine. The answer is: As long as you are feeling comfortable! Don’t overdo anything! When going out for a walk, try to keep a focus on your actual well being! Do you feel good? If so, you might want to increase the amounts per week! In this case, add 1 day to your already existing 10-15 min x 2 per week routine. You could also add 5 extra minutes to your walking routine. 20 min x 3 per week should be somehow the goal in the first, two months as someone new! But again: Whatever fit’s you the best. It’s just an guide, you don’t have to stress you in any way’s out in order to archive it!


#4 Add some uphill to your walkway!


After 1-2 month’s, you can also add some uphill ways to your walkway! Forest usually have some uphill ways. Be careful! Often time’s, people underestimate the energy that is needed to walk upwards an hill! It will be probably your second great challenge after actually starting to be more active! Find a nice, short uphill way  and try to walk it slowly up.

Breath in slowly and breath out slowly, try to focus on your breath and walk slowly. If you feel somehow it’s to much, stop immediately and try to move again up when you feel you are ready again. It’s important to note that if you can’t find an short uphill way and only big or long ones, walk them only for a few meters and than turn back.

Never overdo it with uphill ways! Otherwise you will experience some heavy aching the next day and also probably exhausted. Going uphill can actually increase you strength, muscle and overall stamina in a very short time. But that’s also the exact same reason why you should keep it simple and don’t overdo anything!


#5 Increase the amount of time & amount per week


After 1-2 months of 10-20 mins / 2-3 per week and in month 3 a short and easy uphill way to your routine will give you some incredible results, both condition wise and & muscle & strength wise! You can be more than proud of you! At this point, you probably don’t need some extra motivation, since you probably noticed some slight weight loss and also noticed how good you actually feel after a walk!

Now it’s more up to you, what fits you the best! You could try different routines.

As a starting point: Bump the amount per week up to 5 times and also add 10 minutes to your walkway! You could also increase your uphill walkway by changing it to a more challenging one or going your current uphill walkway for two times instead for one. Since your body is now already used to activity, it will be alot easier for you to accomplish new goals! It will take about 2-3 weeks to adapt to this new routine.


#6 Add some jogging to your routine


After almost 4 month’s of a active walking routine with uphill ways you will be able to jog without any problems! The fun part is: You don’t really need to start again from the start. Your body is already active and has build up in this time period some really tremendous conditioning! Try it yourself out! Go to the walkway you walked at the beginning, but instead of going for a walk for 10 minutes, jog it for 5 minutes!


You will notice that you will be able to jog it without any problems, however, you might experience some kind of exhausting before you reach the 5 minutes! While walking is already a very good exercise in general for conditioning and muscles, jogging takes a little more adaption to the body. The muscles are moving in a different way and more muscles are involved in this kind of exercise. Don’t worry, your body will adapt quickly!

As a routine guide you could mix this new jogging exercise with walking exercises. As an example:

  • Day 1, 3, 5 going for a walk 20-30 minutes (with short uphill routes)
  • Day 2-4 Jogging 5 minutes on a flat surface (use the flat surface that you’ve used when you started this)


With this example you give your body enough time to adapt but also enough rest time. Don’t overdo it with jogging! Even if your body adapt’s! Give your body enough time to relax. The point is: When you overdo an exercise, you will feel exhausted and therefore have no motivation in doing it again. The longer you don’t exercise, the more your body will get used to it again and you will lose your condition!


#7 Adapt your diet


Nutrition is key when it comes to a perfect functioning body. Having a clean diet is important in order to develop the condition you want and be healthy!

It’s important to eat a lot of vegetables trough out the day and having 1-2 good meals per day. Protein and fat should be the base with carbohydrates as an addition. Depending on your personal metabolism, it could be necessary to change these values. But a good starting point is to eat the amount you did before, except replace the unhealthy stuff with the healthy stuff.

Fruit’s are a healthy alternative if you want something sweet. They also provide a lot of important vitamins and minerals. If you need something with sugar, make a tea with honey. Also, look out for some gluten free cookies. They are often time’s very low in sugar.

Having enough protein is also important. Beef or fish are good sources for that. Eggs as well. Milk isn’t the best option as main source for protein.





Starting being more active can be somehow though if don’t know how to start and don’t have any base condition. Often time’s people overdo it and loss interest in it quickly or don’t do it long in enough to see results. But being active has tremendous healthy impact on your health. It’s important for your endocrine system, for losing stress, being more relaxed and being more confident.

Starting to walk is always the best way in order to start being active. With this guide, you will be able in a few months to jog and actually enjoy going out.


I hope you enjoyed this guide and if you have any questions, use the comment box below! Thanks for reading!