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 Feeling stressed? Here’s your guide to help you navigate trough the complexity of our body and how to relax your body and how to calm down.

Hey there! You are probably stressed out or want to know how to calm your body. Being relaxed is state of a chemical construction inside our body. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. Here a few tips how to calm down and what to avoid.




What is even stress?


how to calm down



Stress is per definition a state where the body is in a kind of alarm state. Stress is a reaction to our environment. And stress is helpful. But when we are constantly stressed, stress isn’t helpful. It’s probably one of the highest risks to get an disease over time. In a stress state our body is full with cortisol, adrenaline, nor-adrenaline. The fact that we sit, instead of walking / running is also a high contributor to feeling chronically stressed. Our body is working overtime in this case. But we determine what stress is and our chemicals. Some find it stress reliving when they can go in the city shopping, other feel stressed. Some feel calm when doing a specific exercise, others don’t. Therefore a “all in all” stress relieving technique doesn’t exist, it’s more about finding the right range between relaxed and stressed.



Lay off the coffee


Use tea or non stimulants instead of coffee

How to calm down: Use tea or non stimulants instead of coffee



Seriously, i know it can taste wonderful and you might even describing the feeling that you get from drinking coffee as “relaxing”, but in reality, coffee is banging hard on your adrenal glands. Coffee is an stimulant and therefore it let’s your body produce cortisol and ephedrine’s, which put’s your body in a alert state, without even feeling stress. The only reason why you feel better or more relaxed is because coffee stimulates the neurotransmitter pathway and increases dopamine, serotonin and other neurotransmitters. With this ability, it’s a drug. And that’s the reason why you feel “off” when you stop drinking it.


Tip: Use non stimulants as a bridge to avoid hard crashes.









Getting enough sleep is probably the most common sense when it comes to stress relief or general healthier lifestyle. But there are a few things that are more important than other things: The first one is to have a good sleep pattern, which means: sleep at night. Having a job that requires night shifts? Quit it! It’s proofed that staying up at night, no matter the tasks(working is probably the worsed scenario) causes a lot of problems and health issues in the long term. Not only that: Your day/night rhythm is very important to stay balance with your hormones. A disturbed sleep axis causes changes in the cortisol rhythm. And that problems with Insulin (sugar) and also the sexual hormones.

No, i’m not trying to scare you, but it’s very important to have a good, steady sleep.

The other important thing is the duration: How long do you sleep? If its less then 6 ours, then you are hurting your health as well. You should sleep at least 6 hours, better 8-9 hours and on weekends even more (not always, but here and then add some extra hour to your sleep duration). A nap also works fine.







Healthy food for your gut





Nutrition is probably the most important factor. Eating unhealthy, mostly with saturated fat sources will cause unbalances in almost every aspect in your body. First off, a fat based diet is not per se bad, but it depends highly about what kind of fat we are eating. Don’t be scared, there are only 2 different sources of fat: unsaturated and saturated. As i already have mentioned which one of them is bad, it should be now clear which one is good for us: unsaturated. But what’s the difference? Unsaturated fat sources are found in almost every plant, nuts and even fish. Saturated fat’s are found in animals but also in oils, butter (which some use to cook their food). Olive oil has unsaturated fats and taste much better than the common oils/butter you use.

Not a fan of vegetables? There are thousands of ways to make it tasty, even for non veggie lovers! If you own a grill and a garden (and not being inside deep winter) you could grill your vegetables. It’s a nice alternative and gives meat eater an familiar taste. You could also cook it and spice it up with some pepper and chili, add it to your rice or use it to make your stake even more tasteful! If you like to use salt, use Himalaya salt only. It contains many important minerals and has it already in the right ratio. Vegetables are containing the most important nutrition that your body needs. Sure, meat and milk also has many important nutrition in it, especially the protein, but still: Vegetables are containing almost everything your body need in order to function properly. And its also cheap!









Beside Vegetables you should add nuts, such as cashews, almonds or peanuts to your daily diet. They contain high amounts of healthy unsaturated fat and taste good. However, buy the unsalted version and add Himalaya salt to it on your own if you prefer it more salty.

While most nuts contain an healthy amount of omega-3/omega-6, you should add some fish as well to your daily diet. Once a week is okay, but it depends on you how often you want fish. Some people find fish actually disgusting (because of the fish taste). If you are one of them, try to make a baked salmon. It loses it “fish” taste and is probably the most healthiest fish out there. Salmon’s contain high amounts of the omega fats, high amounts of minerals and many vitamins.









There are hundreds of chemicals involved in the process of making you feel relaxed. Neurotransmitters are playing an important role, however, hormones are more important. Cortisol activates the ephedrine synthese and increases blood sugar by splitting up amino acids (stored in your muscles.) The more stress you experience, the more fat will be stored and the more muscle tissue will be broke up.

How to counter this? Magnesium is one way to do so. Magnesium has calming effects on the mind and plays a huge role in the bodys metabolism. Stress is very magnesium consuming, therefore you are highly deficient in it. Blood test could show a normal results, but the inner cell level is more important the blood plasma levels. Saliva test or hair analysis are more accurate, however, you should always have healthy renals when supplementing with minerals in general, since it can cause serious problems with weak renals.

An intake for about 500mg-1000mg are good to go, make sure to use Magnesium Chloride only, since its the only connection the body can absord at a high rate, all other connections are being absorbed very bad and not effective. However, its still better than nothing.

Beside Magnesium, a high dosage of Vitamin C/E can be beneficial when it comes to lowering stress levels. Especially Vitamin C as a buffered form is abke to rebuild adrenal gland tissue. Vitamin E helps with libido, stamina and general metabolism.

L-Tryptophan can be used as a calm injector, however, keep in mind that it increases serotonin. This means, if you use any medication, watch out for it, because it could cause serotonin snydrome, a highly feared symptom that is hard to control.

Beside that, L-Tryptophan can lower stress immediately within minutes by taking 500mg up to 2500mg. It also acts as an sleep assistant, because of the synthesis of serotonin to melatonin.

If you are not a fish fan, you could also use Fish Oil caps, which contains a high ratio of omega-3 and omega-6. Keep in mind that it doesn’t contains all the other minerals and vitamins that you will find in fish. A dosage of 3000mg is a good start. Be sure to check out softgel size or pill size, since they use to be pretty big(some people have problems with swallowing pills). Check brands that sell lower dosages (500mg) and just swallow a few trough out the day.







A stressed body and mind are a state of a imbalance of a healthy lifestyle, a good sleep pattern and sleep quality and often times hormone imbalances.

In this How to calm down Guide you find tips are easily to follow and practice. In addition, if you use those supplements which i talked about, you can support your body and the process of being more relaxed. In general, the chemical, hormonal imbalance must be corrected before using mind relaxing techniques.

Having a balanced diet is one of the key elements for a relaxed body, since a lack of nutrition can cause a chronic stressed mind.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if so, let me know in the comment section! If you have any further questions, use the comment box as well!

Have a nice day!