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Increase testosterone naturally.

Increase testosterone naturally

Testosterone Chemical Structure

Hey there!

In todays post i want to talk about how to increase testosterone naturally. We will talk about diet, but more important, supplements that we can use to increase Testosterone naturally without any side effects unlike the synthetic supplementation. So lets begin!


Lets talk about the most important thing first: the supplements. There are many minerals that play a role in testosterone production. Of one the most important(not only for testosterone) is zinc. The body needs zinc for over 300 different metabolic exchanges and therefore a lot of it. Normally you would get those levels from your daily diet (considering your diet is healthy) but since we deal today with a lot of toxins we need almost always a lot more zinc. The normal dosage is about 5mg for a male per day and 3 mg for a female per day. Those numbers are very very low and wont help often times. A normal range for zinc supplementation is between 30mg – 90 mg per day. Zinc drains your copper levels, therefore you should supplement copper at some time, normally you would take 2mg copper per 30mg zinc.

Zinc is needed for the testosterone synthesis inside your leydig cell.

When supplementing zinc, you will feel immedietaly within hours a difference in libido and also your ejaculation increases slightly (as a result of the higher germ production). To supplement zinc, make sure to have enough magnesium, potassium and vitamin c. Those minerals are often in direct correlation with zinc and often needed to support the zinc metabolic synthesis.

Beside Zinc you can also take Tribulus. Tribulus is known as a libido booster, and therefore a testosterone booster. Its a little bit expensive and often times zinc will do the work, however, tribulus gives you also an increase in blood flow, as many have reported.

There are a few others, which we will discuss in an extra article.


Your diet should be clean in order to increase testosterone naturally. This means: cook your food, eat fresh. Salads, meat, nuts, fish should be your main source. Avoid sugar (decreases testosterone significant by increasing cortisol and insulin).

No alcohol or other drugs

It decreases clearly testosterone since its a toxin and the body wants to get rid of it. If you like to drink, drink only one and try to avoid it as much as possible.


Beside that, try to drink a lot of water, 3 litres per day if you are a full grown male. If you are a woman, 1,5 litres are okay.



Walking, running, lifting weights: All sport activities increase testosterone naturally  (as long as you are not dealing with hypogonadism). Often times, short and not to hard exercises will increase testosterone. Long marathons are catabol and therefore should be avoided.

Watch out: When you experience low energy while doing sport or even tiredness, its often times because you are suffering from hypogonadism or other diseases. Of course everyone has a bad day, but if you experience symptoms like these often times, get your testosterone levels checked!



I hope you liked this article and make sure to come revisted my blog, since i post a lot about topics like these!