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Ever wondered how to make an incredible sandwich and also one who is gluten free? Well, than you are on the right spot on how to make gluten free sandwiches! We won’t talk too much about it, instead, we will talk about the ingredients and also how to make it. Lets start!

 Overview of the Ingredients in the How to make gluten free sandwiches guide(more details below): 

New Grains Gluten Free Sourdough San Francisco Style Bread, 32 oz Loaf

Salad (Romaine or Mesclun Mix)



Heinz BBQ Sauce, Classic Sweet and Thick, 21.4 Ounce




Now you are going to be totally fine if you use some gluten free bread from your local supermarket. If your local supermarket doesn’t have any gluten free bread (which is pretty common) than stick to this one! You could also make your own, but that’ts an complete different topic and should not belong on a how to make gluten free sandwiches guide!




how to make gluten free sandwiches

Salad (Romaine or Mesclun Mix)

Pretty standard right? Well, its not that easy. There are a few salads sorts out there and every single one tastes different and have their own pros and cons. But to make this simple: To counter the heavy taste of the bread, use a more bitter one instead of a sweet one. Mesclun is a good choice, which is a mix of young leaves from different salad sorts that are mostly more bitter. The romaine sort is also totally fine.



Vegetables are the main key in sandwiches when it comes to the “freshness” feeling when eating a delicious sandwich. Often times, vegetables that contain a lot of water are the best choice. Tomatoes give some edge taste to the sandwich. Buy those big ones and use only one slice per sandwich. Cucumbers are also a good choice. If you choose a more bitter sauce like mustard, choose some sour cucumbers as well. For lighter sauces, choose a sweeter cucumber or a complete organic one. You could use carrots to give it some extra taste, but only small pieces, otherwise it will dominate the other ingredients in your sandwich. Same goes for onions. I prefer to use tomatoes and just very tiny pieces of carrots.





Now when it comes to meat in a sandwich you have different options. I prefer minced beef or slim tiny slices of chicken. Choose what you prefer the most. Depending on your taste, you could also use shrimps or fish, but that’s something that we will cover in a different blog post.





Now we come to the most important part for a gluten free sandwiches: The sauces. Sauces give a sandwich the ultimate round taste and often many people use either the wrong sauce with the wrong combinations of ingredients or they use too much of it. Often times, a barbecue sauce will do the job. Heinz have very good sauces and they are not “that” expensive than some other sauces. Important: Don’t use some cheap sauces, especially when it comes to Barbecue sauces. Often times, they have cheap ingredients and taste awful. Some are okay, but that’s often not the case. I recommend the:

Heinz BBQ Sauce, Classic Sweet and Thick, 21.4 Ounce

as a standard sauce for your sandwich. Especially if you go for the classic taste.


Let’s check over to the cooking part.





Making a how to make gluten free sandwiches is pretty easy. The critical part are the amount / mix of the different ingredients. Let’s start with the bread.


The Bread:

  1. Slice the bread into thin pieces
  2. Turn on your oven on 392 F
  3. Bake your bread for 5 minutes so that it gets a little bit crunchy
  4. Leave it inside the oven until your other ingredients are ready

The important thing is to get your sandwich just slightly “crunchy” instead of really baked. You could also use an sandwich toaster of course or some normal toaster, but i think that it’s actually the best way doing it in your oven.


The Salad:

  1. Pick some pieces apart from the salad
  2. Wash it (don’t dry it, let it be wet)
  3. Put it inside a small cup for later

The Vegetables:

  1. Wash and slice them
  2. If you use big tomatoes, slice only 1 piece per sandwich
  3. Put them inside a cup as well

The Meat:

  1. If you use minced beef for your sandwich, put oil (olive oil) inside your pan and let it turn hot
  2. Put the minced beef inside your pan and let it fry for a few minutes (stir every few seconds / half minute)
  3. I recommend to let it be “wet” and don’t over fry it. Many over fry their minced beef. If you over fry it, it will soak up the oil inside your pan. That’s not what we want.


Finish your sandwich:

Now that our ingredients are cooked and ready for our sandwich, we will start to occupy our sandwich. First, start with the meat: Drop some of the minced beef or chicken on your sandwich. Put some salad and some tomatoes over it. Take your barbecue sauce and just put some small pieces between the salad an the tomatoes. Then, take some more minced beef and put it over your salad. Again, use some of your vegetables and a little cheddar cheese. Again, use some small pieces of the barbecue sauce, don’t overdo it! That’s it! Your sandwich is done! Enjoy it!




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