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Migraines – A quick guide on how to fix them

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Are you dealing with migraines? Wondering what the causes are of it? Then this guide is definitely for you! In this little quick guide i will show you how easily you can find out what the true cause is of them and how to avoid them. Stop using headache pills who don’t do nothing for you, but just suppressing the headaches!


Migraines – Has thousand causes

Migraines are one of the most common symptoms. They can occur just in a moment, or start slowly to fade in. Most migraines last a day, some tend to last for more than a day. People use headache pills to relieve the pain, however, this only fixes the pain, not the cause of it. The migraine attack’s can come from many different causes. But most of the time, those causes are easy to find and to fix. The treatment for migraines varies, depending on the underlying problem of it. Sometime’s there can be even more than one cause of it, in this case, you have to listen to your body.


Migraine – Food allergies



So the most common underlying problem with migraines are food allergies. Often time’s it’s because people consume to much diary products. Try to avoid milk and use an good alternative for it, such as soy milk, almond milk or cashew milk. Especially cashew milk taste’s wonderful and has almost the same consistency as normal milk.


Coffee can actually help when dealing with migraines. However, it can be also the cause of it. To find out, try to avoid coffee for at least 1 week. If you are really needing some stimulant, try to use matscha instead. It’s basically green tea in a high concentration. It has a lot of health benefits, keeps you awake and also detoxifies your body.

Matcha Green Tea Powder Organic ( Japanese Premium Culinary Grade ) cost’s only 10.99$ and last’s for over 1-2 month (depending on how much you want to drink).


If you are dealing with an histamine intolerance it can be possible that headaches and migraines are symptom’s of it. Histamine is an hormone that can be also found in most food. The “older” a meat or fish is, the more histamine is in it. The reason for that is because histamine is build up in meat the longer it is not consumed. Histamine react’s with oxygen. Frozen meat and fish are not effected. Histamine intolerance isn’t really diagnosed by the school medicine. There are some test’s out there, such as measuring the histamine output in your stole. You can try to avoid fish, meat and other products that could contain histamine for two weeks and see if your migraines disappear. If so, make sure to find an alternative doctor you can take a few tests for an histamine intolerance.

#Not enough fresh cooked food

Cook your food by yourself. Don’t buy any prepared meal or anything that contain’s a huge lists of ingredients that you never heard off. As a general guideline, use a lot of vegetables with nut’s and some meat & fish. Make sure to buy only fresh meat & fish. Also, if you are experiencing sugar cravings, eat fruits instead something that contains added sugar. Once in a while it is okay, but if you are overdoing it, you are actually harming yourself.


Migraine – Vitamin Deficiency


Often time’s a vitamin deficiency can play a huge role migraine attacks. It’s common that people have a B-Vitamin deficiency. The B-Vitamins are playing a role in many different part’s of the metabolism. The main roles are: Detoxing, production of the sexual hormones, liver support, source of nails and hairs, mood stability, stress hormones and so much more.

B-Vitamin’s are cheap and there are many supplement’s out there which contain all the important ones.



Thorne Research – Stress B-Complex are one of these who contain all important B-Vitamins and more important, have them in the right dosage. Most B-Vitamin complexes are under-dosed or they use a less good absorbing chemical structure, which basically mean’s you pay more for less.



Migraine – Mineral imbalance

Having a mineral imbalance can cause migraine attacks. They key minerals are: Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium. Calcium role is  mostly in building up and protecting bones, however, it also play’s a role in hormone balance, blood sugar and even sleeping. Potassium is important for the heart function, but also for the blood pressure. Sodium plays a huge role in the blood pressure (where salt is, there is water). Magnesium has probably the biggest impact on the human body.



Magnesium has probably the widest range of function’s in the human body. It plays a role in digestion, hormones, mood, sleep pattern, sleep quality, libido and detoxifying abilities from your body.

Magnesium is very often low in many people, since it’s highly used when someone deal’s with stress a lot. It’s pretty much the first mineral that is low. However, a blood test or even better an saliva test is here a better option, since too much of magnesium can be pretty dangerous(its very rare, but still, a test can check that). If you are low in magnesium, you should start to supplement only the chlorid form in an oil form, since all other form’s are pretty bad absorbed.

I use and recommend the Life Flo’s Magnesium Chlorid, it’s not expensive (compared to other magnesium oils or trans-dermal form’s) and it lasts over 2 month’s easily.



Life-Flo Pure Magnesium Oil cost’s only 26.94$ and help’s a lot! Of course, you can use any company or any magnesium supplement, but this one was probably the most helpful one!

With normal magnesium levels, you will experience more energy, a higher libido and a better digestion. Later, a more clear head and also a more balanced hormone axis.



Migraine – Muscle stiffness


A migraine can be caused by muscle stiffness in the neck area. This is often caused by a bad bed or a bad sleeping position. Make sure to sleep at a soft pillows only and to have your head higher than the rest of your body. Otherwise the neck muscles can relax in the sleeping position. Also, try to shower hot to relax your muscles, especially in the neck area. If you have someone, ask him to give you a message once or twice per week.

Sometimes, you would need to hire an chiropractic therapist, but that’s only necessary if the above tip’s are not really helping.

The muscle stiffness can be an indirect symptom of mineral or vitamin deficiency. Make sure to have enough magnesium, since it’s the first mineral that causes muscle cramps and muscle stiffness.

Stress is another factor that play’s a role in muscle stiffness. When you are having stress, your body releases a lot of different stress hormones. These stress hormones can make the muscle stiff, but too much stress (chronic stress) can actually cause chronic muscle stiffness. Supplementing magnesium, vitamin b and having a hot shower can actually improve your muscle stiffness very quickly.

Stretching is recommended, however, warm up before doing so. Stretching can actually relax almost every muscle group within a few days, if practiced every day for 10 minutes. If you are curious on how to stretch, check out YouTube, there are many different good instruction videos already out there. It doesn’t have to be a specific stretch, however, if you are dealing with neck stiffness, look up for a stretching exercise for the neck (self explaining).



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