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Rory MacDonald Bellator

Rory Macdonald UFC Weigh-in

Rory Macdonald UFC Weigh-in

As you maybe heard: Rory Macdonald is heading towards Bellator and leaving UFC. But why is Rory leaving the UFC?


rory macdonald, the Welterweitht fighter in the UFC is leaving and joining Bellator. In an interview yesterday on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani as the host he said that he isnt making enough money in the UFC.

Romours has it that he only got about 50.000$ per fight, which is horrible when you consider that hes one of the elite fighters and also were on many main cards. I honestly ask myself, how much those pre lims make.


Anyway, Rory Macdonald said that Bellator gave him a great deal and that he signed for 6 fights already. He mentioned also that he aims straight for the title shot in the 170 divison. With that being said, the big reason is obviously the money part. Since the reebok deal fighters get paid almost nothing. Rory, and many others, are much more worth than 50000$ per fight. Before the reebok deal, low value fighters would make up to 100000 $ per fight, which is still low, but enough for a low value fighter to survive. The bellator deal is somewhere in the 6 figures range.

I think it was a good idea to leave the UFC, even tho i never watched a Bellator fight (which will change now because of Rory Macdonald).

I will keep you updated about this topic if anything new comes out!