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Supplements for testosterone levels || Increase your testosterone levels naturally

In this blog post i want to give you my personal advice which supplements you should use in order to increase and boost your testosterone levels. Keep in mind, that often times a good diet based on fat is one the key elements in the testosterone production in your body. However, supplement’s can increase it or even boost it to a higher level and its not even that expensive. There are a lot supplement’s companies out there which offer often times really cheap prices for good supplements but often time’s they seem also to be under dosage or contain some allergens. This is why this guide exist’s, to make sure you can find all important supplements easily and cheap as much as possible while still having a good quality & effect on your body. So, here’es your supplements for testosterone guide.


#1 Zinc

Zinc is the most important mineral and plays a role in 300 different metabolic processes. Therefore, having not enough of zinc isn’t that uncommon and you will also recognize this pretty fast in a lowered libido. Supplementing zinc makes sense, however, too much can’t deplete copper levels. An imbalance in copper level’s can lead to hormonal imbalance. So don’t overdo it, 90mg per day is the maximum you should take. 30mg per day is a pretty good dose of zinc in order to recover from a deficiency.

Thorne Research – Zinc Picolinate – Highly Absorbable Zinc Supplement – 60 Capsules


Thorne’s Zinc picolinate have a good dosage (30mg per capsule) and comes in the best and most adsorbed form: picolinate and cost’s only 14.99$. 60 Capsules last for 2 month if you use the standard dosage. Tip: buy 2 at once, so that you can play and vary with the dosage, for example: 2 capsules per day equals 60mg for 1 month. Than 30mg per day for 1 month.

#2 Magnesium


Magnesium is also important (which mineral isn’t by the way, on  a side note). Magnesium play’s a role in the libido, the hormones in general, mood, digestion, muscle’s and so much more. And its depleted by too much stress. Magnesium isn’t in the standard blood test sample, chances are you are low in it are not that low and here comes the most interesting part of magnesium: When enough magnesium is in the blood, testosterone bind’s to it instead to other agent’s that deactivate testosterone, that mean’s that your testosterone blood serum level’s stay at a high rate trough out the day.

The problem with magnesium supplements is, that most of them come in a wrong way and are not well absorbed by the body. You are wasting literary your money on such supplements. Most foods doesn’t contain enough magnesium which has something to do with the overgrowing problem of today’s agriculture. Supplementing magnesium makes therefore sense, but keep in mind that too much magnesium can be dangerous, since it plays also a role in the electrolyte household. However, if you have healthy kidneys, over supplementing magnesium shouldn’t cause any problems. Magnesium is best absorbed in the trans-dermal form. I prefer to use a spray that you apply on your skin, but you can also use gel’s or magnesium in a form of bath shampoos. Magnesium chloride brine is probably one of the purest form of magnesium and when applied directly on your skin, instantly absorbed by the body.




Life-flo Pure Magnesium Oil, 8 Ounce


Life-flo’s pure magnesium oil is applied to the skin and absorbed trans-dermal. It comes in the magnesium chloride brine form and is 100% pure magnesium with salts. And its also very cheap for only 12.95$. Last’s for over 2-3 months. Highly recommended!


#3Macca & Arginine mixture

Also known as horny goat weed, is used too increase testosterone dramatically. Arginine is an amino acid and is needed for a good blood flow, it widens your arteries and increase no inside your blood. Arginine is depleted by stress and its very common to be too low in it. Macca on the other hand is just incredible. The herb root is well known to boost testosterone levels and balance hormone levels. Together with arginine it will help tremendously to increase your testosterone levels.  You can buy them separated or together, i recommend buying a mixture, since there are a lot well dosed and affordable mixtures out there.





Extra Strength Horny Goat Weed Extract With Muira Puama

This is one of the best sellers on amazon when it comes to a good mixture of arginine and macca. There are also some other herb’s included and it’s cheap: Only 14.15$ for one bottle. It’s high dosed, so you don’t really need to take them everyday, which means that one bottle will last about 2 month’s (from own experience).