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Leaky Gut – Supplements that do help

(This article contains affiliated links which helps to support the blog. I don’t post or recommend anything that i haven’t used by myself or where i am 100% aware of that the product is worth the money.)

People who have to do deal with the Leaky Gut Syndrome often times experience a long journey to actually heal their gut. Often times the right diet is the key for a success in healing. A good diet should be always the “core” when it comes to Leaky Gut healing. A clean diet with lot of veggies and no sugar/low fat (saturated fat) should be the base line for the diet. There are a lot of good diet plans out there, just google it if you haven’t already found something. But be careful: It’s often more easier than you think! Don’t buy any unnecessary diet plans. I plan in the future to write down a guide, for now: stick to veggies mostly. Anyways, let’s talk about the supplements.


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Amino Acids

Amino Acids are everything. Every life form build up on them. The DNA is made out of them. And out of amino acid’s, the body produces the well known proteins. When our body repairs our gut there a few amino acids that are necessary to do this: L-Glutamine, L-Arginin, Lysin. Now there are supplement companies who offer a “all in” package with all necessary amino’s in it, but sometimes its cheaper to buy everything single and just swallow a pill for each amino (if you don’t like pills, there are also powders or you could just open the capsule). Here some that i recommend:






Gut flora bacteria’s – Probiotics

When we talk about gut flora, we talk about millions of different types of bacteria. Knowing all the different benefits or not so benefits from all the different bacteria’s is almost impossible. However, there are some key bacteria’s that showed in studies that they help to improve overall gut flora and as well to improve the overall gut digestion. Many probiotics help in digesting the food that we eat. If some of them are missing, our body isn’t able to digest the food and therefore it can come to some imbalances inside our gut. Now talking into detail would take a lot of your time and my time, but a bigger, more detailed article is in the planning. Right now, lets just don’t forget whats the number 1 reason when it comes to a disturbed gut flora: Antibiotics. In fact, 1 Antibiotic treatment causes so much damage to our gut flora, that it takes about 15 years to re-build it completely on our own.

Keep in mind: Without any new antibiotic treatments in between. That’s almost impossible if your are an meat eater, with all the different antibiotic rest’s inside our food. Normally, after a antibiotic treatment, there should be always a gut flora re-build. For a leaky gut, there are missing many different bacterial’s. Now you could take a test and see how many and which exactly of the most known/important are not there or not in balance, but often times it’s not even necessary (as long as you don’t have diarrhea for a long time of period and/or a gut flora re-build isn’t quiet working). It’s also quiet expensive, most doctor’s labors charge about 90$.

Most gut flora bacteria’s cost between 20-50$. So that would make 130$ on average. Not quiet cheap, but you are making this way sure you take the “right” bacteria’s. However, like i said before, it”s often times not necessary, taking a good multi gut flora bacteria supplement will often times do the job and will save you money for some clean foods. Here are my top list probiotics:




Both products are high quality and help tremendously with the gut flora in combination with a good clean diet. The second needs to be imported if you are buy outside of Europe, but it’s a top notch product that i used as well!


Healthy food for your gut

L-Tryptophan + 5HTP for Serotonin Stimula

Now be careful with this one: A leaky gut can sometimes be very sensitive to L-Tryptophane and 5HTP, both mimickers for Serotonin. But let’s talk about first why they are actually good for the gut: The gut contains a lot of Serotonin receptors which help a lot with natural gut movement. Having a leaky gut often causes a low serotonin, since many nutrients aren’t working how they actually should. Serotonin is the “feeling good” amine, which, like the name itself implies, helps a lot with your mood. Having a low serotonin level is linked to several problems, such as: Depression, mood swings, anxiety, feeling tired, schizophrenia. Serotonin is produced by the amino acid L-Tryptophane. The problem: Other amino acid’s battle for the entry at the blood-brain barrier and therefore it isn’t always possible to have enough Tryptophane inside your brain in order to get the enough serotonin. When supplementing L-Tryptophane, Serotonin levels increase really high. Same goes for 5HTP. 5HTP is the already activated the L-Tryptophane connection and bio-availabe ready for the body. But keep in mind, that L-Tryptophane can lead to the feared Serotonin-Syndrome. A syndrome where the boy has too much of serotonin, which is really dangerous. Im not trying to scare you, i just say don’t pop in like it’s some Vitamine. It does increase serotonin very fast, that is good, but also dangerous if not supplement right. Supplementing it correctly will give you lot of benefits, such as: better sleep, more gut movement, better digestion, better mood. However, i had the experience that L-Tryptophane gave me a slight Serotonin-Syndrome. With 5HTP i hadn’t any problems. So you need really to try which one of them fits you better. Important: Only take or another, never both together! Normally you would take 500mg L-Tryptophane  or  100mg-200mg 5HTP. Here is what i recommend:


Source Naturals L-Tryptophan 500mg

Natrol 5-HTP Time Release Tablets, 200mg, 30 count




Now that we have cleared up most of the important supplements when it comes to Leaky Gut Syndrome, its time for an conclusion. The List is not completely done yet and there are a few supplement’s that i would recommend as well. I will probably update this article in a few days to complete it. Right now, you have a very good starting point to start to heal your gut. It will take time, but its worth it! Especially with my listed supplements and a good diet, you will speed up the healing process. Trust me on that! I have dealt with leaky gut for a long time and thought i could fix it without supplements, or just with some minerals and a clean diet. While this was somehow working, my leaky gut finally healed when i started to supplement the right things with the right diet. And so like i said in the beginning, keep the diet easy. Nothing fancy. Stay away from saturated fat sources, stay away from sugar and stay away from alcohol or any other things that hurt your digestive systems. Vegetables should be your base with fish / some meat and eggs (if you are not allergic to one of them, if you are wondering how you can find that out, i plan to write a future article about it, but if you are curious, send me an message and i will help you out!).

So i hope that you have enjoyed this article and that it will help you out. If you have any questions or are not sure about some topics, leave an comment or send me an email and we will talk about it!


See ya! 🙂