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Testosterone Replacement Therapy: Benefits

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Hey there! In today’s post i want to talk about the different benefits you can get from Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Now don’t get me wrong, there are also some side effect’s which i discussed in this article. But in this one, i want to focus mainly on the benefits so far.

Intro: Why even choosing to use Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Well, often times you are left alone when it comes to hypogonadism. Either your doctor has no idea what he’s actually doing or he’s open about it and you have no idea if it’s the right way to do it. The only time were you shouldn’t ask yourself this question in the first place would be if your testosterone levels would be deep deep down low, we talk about ranges down to >50ng/ml. But again, hormones are often times dynamically and as long as you are in the bottom / high range (depending on the hormone), and have symptoms you are definitely having hormonal issues, even if your so called doctor want’s to tell you otherwise. Using Testosterone Replacement Therapy can lift up many symptoms and therefore many struggles that were caused by that in your life. But first off, lets talk about the main symptoms when you are low testosterone:

Symptoms of low testosterone:

When you are low in testosterone (or bottom range low) you will have a highly decreased libido. Now many recognize this as one of their first symptoms when dealing with low testosterone. An ED, erectile dysfunction comes often times within the low libido. You will have little to non existing desire when it comes to having sex. Woman seem to be just like man’s for you. You lose the ability to “flirt” or even dealing with them. Beside that, your tiredness. Everyone with low testosterone is tired, like really tired, always tired.

No matter how much you sleep, no matter how much you try to relax, you always feel tired. This is really exhausting for your brain and your body, since it seems like you can’t “refuel” your body again with power. Low energy = low mood. The next thing is your mind: a foggy brain all the time, no memory or bad memory, aggressive, scary, emotional.

There are many words to describe your mind state when you are low in testosterone. Having a steady mind when having low testosterone is almost impossible. Your thoughts often race. And with a bad being, you often times don’t sleep as good as enough. Testosterone plays a main key role when it comes to a good, energizing sleep. Bad sleep habit’s and patterns are also often caused by too low testosterone. Now there are many variations in disturbing sleep patterns, but often times people have troubles falling asleep or waking up at night.

The last two (while there are many many more symptoms) symptoms i want to talk about are high body fat to low muscle mass ratio. Dealing with low testosterone will decrease your overall muscle mass dramatically and increase your body fat. People seem to never develop muscle mass, no matter how much they train or change their diet.


So lets begin with the benefits:


#10 Better sleep

Your sleep time decreases while your re-energizing ability increases.

#9 Sleep pattern

Your sleep pattern normalizes often times when taking TRT.

#8 Increased Hunger

High Testosterone will keep you hungry. That’s often times because you are more active, but again, your complete body composition changes, therefore you are more hungrier.

#7 High Libido

Well, pretty understandable. The more testosterone, the higher your libido will be.

#6 Increased Erection

Now this is controversial. While erectile dysfunction is often times caused by other medical conditions, testosterone replacement therapy can make your erection “bigger” again. This because of the higher nitric oxid in your blood stream. Some report it also increases their size over the time.

#5 Higher muscle mass

Studies relieved that even a guy who don’t train have more increased muscle mass if his testosterone levels are in the upper range. Of course weight lifting will increase it more significant, but still.

#4 Faster recovery

You will recover much faster from training sessions or any other activity that you follow. Your muscle fibers will repair much faster.

#3 Lower Bodyfat

Again, a clean diet will help you lose fat and overall fat dramatically.

#2 Longer endurance

Now,  not something many look into, but high testosterone actually increases your endurance when having love!

# Better Mood

Now that’s one of the biggest things you will recognize immediately. Your mood will not only increase but also be more stable.



So that were my 10 TRT Benefits list for today. Make sure to subscribe to my blog and also check out my other articles about testosterone!