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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

testosterone replacement therapy

The yes and no´s when choosing to go on TRT in a guide. 

Hey there! In this post i want to talk about the pro´s and contra´s that come along with testosterone replacement therapy. While taking Testosterone is pretty much “safe”, there a few things you should consider before taking Testosterone.

Lets dive right into the pro´s and talk about it into detail.


  • More Energy
  • Strongly increased libido
  • Increased Mood
  • Higher Musclemass
  • Lower Bodyfat
  • Better Sleep
  • Great Erections
  • Aggressive Drive
  • Clear & Focused Mind
  • More Bodyhair
  • Deeper Voice


There are many more benefits, but those are the most important in my opinion. Lets talk about the energy levels. When you are low in testosterone (>330ng/ml) or in the gray area (330ng/ml-400ng/ml) you will recognize very low energy levels. No matter how much you slept, no matter how much off time you have took, you will always feel pretty much exhausted and tired. The true reasons why low testosterone is causing this is because testosterone plays a main role in adrenal fatigue. I will talk about adrenal fatigue later, because this illness is pretty much complex. So far let me tell you: Most doctors don´t recognize adrenal fatigue. They say its bongus. But its not. There are few studies that clearly proof the adrenal fatigue syndrome. But again, back to Testosterone.

The low energy levels that come along with low testosterone are also causing bad glucose absorption, which leads again to tireness, higher glucose levels and even diabetes melletus. Theres always a thin line between feeling tired from too much stress or feeling exhausted and completely worn out. Generally: Low energy levels should always lead to testosterone check, when no other condition has been found. Often times doctors will send you back home, without testing it. Make sure you get the blood work test results.

When people say theres not a magic pill, they are wrong. When you are suffering from hypogonadism (low testosterone), no matter if primary or secondary or even tertiary, you will feel like you have took a magic pill after the first time you take testosterone. The energy levels are so high, that its almost hard to finally fall asleep since you got so much power.


When dealing with low testosterone, you will 100% experience low libido and decreased to non existing erection. It´s funny that many doctors will prescribe some expensive viagra pills when often times testosterone is the issue. Testosterone stimulates in the brain nitric oxid, which leads to an erection at the penis. The less testosterone, the less nitric oxid. After  testosterone replacement therapy you will have very hard erections to the point where it almost hurts. This will calm down after time, since the body get used to it. Many reports also an general increasment of penis size, but that is probably due the stretchment from higher blood flow inside the penis. However, those “increasments” wont make you big. Its just a small increasment, but still.


Its pretty much clear, that when you suffer from low energy levels and a low libido, that your mood will also be pretty much low. Low testostrone mixes up the brain chemistry and causes a lot of mood changes, from angry to very emotional to very depressed. Often times it´s without a reason. Simply things will make you an emotional wreck. Taking testosterone will smooth out your brain chemistry and lead to a more calm and more relaxed all in all feeling & being. You will enjoy yourself and the things around you much more. You will feel alot more confident and also alot more outgoing. Making new friends, flirting etc. are much more easier. Testosterone is a magic pill, trust me. But only when you suffered from low testosterone (hypogonadism). Otherwise, i dont think that the effect will be that big.

Muscle mass and low body fat:

I started working out years ago, and i really put a lot of effort into it. I had a clean diet and almost never missed a training session. I have trained 3 times a week. For 2 years. The results were devasting: I had maybe a little bit more muscle mass overall, but still no sixpack and almost a chubby non muscular chest. I could only lift very very small weights and lost all my “strength” gains if i missed 1 or 2 workouts. When i started to cut, i lost all my small hard gained muscle´s and never lost any pound of fat. I can´t really compare to what its like now, since i haven´t started my TRT yet, but from what i have heard/seen the results are incredible on TRT.

You gain muscle muss much more easier and also lose now finally FAT. Many tried to accuse me of being too lazy or not counting my macros correctly. I knew i did everything right, hell i tried everything out: Paluten, Low Carb, Low Fat, nothing worked. No matter how long or how long the calories where, i only lost muscle mass instead of fat.

Clear mind & better sleep

Like the better mood, its also pretty much safe to say that your mind will clear up and that your sleep will increase highly. Remember the nights where you slept over 9 hours and still felt like crap afterwards? Hypogonadism causes this often times and when you are on testosterone replacement therapy your sleep pattern not only increase and quality, but also decrease in time: You sleep less but feel much more refreshed and energized. With a good sleep a clear mind comes within. You are able to focus much more and much much more longer and don´t have any brain fog (which is often cause of allergies, but that another story i will cover later in another post).

You are clear in the mind and also have a much more better sense of humor. Socializing is much more easier because you are confident and feel clear minded.

More Bodyhair & deeper voice

Testosterone will increase your overall bodyhair and your voice tone. I myself never needed to shave often. I would shave my beard every 3, sometimes 6 weeks. I had a very very slow beard grow. While my voice wasn´t high (many said i had still a deep voice), your voice will deepen even more. Find a metal band if its too low!

Now a increased overall bodyhair may not be a pro for someone, but when it comes to being masculine it is. Woman love bodyhair, especially a full beard. It´s a sign of high testosterone! Dayum!

What are the contras of TRT?

It´s not like there are much. But still: Taking a hormone (especially one of the most potent ones) will always have an impact on your body.

When taking Testosterone, your body´s hormone axis will recognize it and shut its own production down. This means: Your testicles will shrink. And the possiblity for them to never grow again and produce testosterone are there, but very rare. This is caused by the decreased LH & FSH hormones, which are responsible for the testosterone (LH) and sperm (FSH) production. This condition can be changed when TRT is taken together with HCG, which mimics LH, so the testicles don´t shut down.

The other contras are:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Increased HDL and lowered LDL Cholesterol
  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Roid Rage
  • Changes in Personality and Emotions

Sleep Apnea: 

Sleep Apnea is a condition that describes breathing problems when you sleep. Basicly your body “forgets” to breath when you sleep. Testosterone replacement therapy can cause/increase the chance of getting it/worsens an already existing sleep apnea. This condition can be treated. If your spouse recognize something like this, find a good doctor to talk about this.

Increased HDL, higher blood pressure: 

Testosterone can mess up with your cholesterol. Its well known to increase your bad cholesterol (HDL) and decrease your good cholesterol (LDL). Often times you need to change your diet or decrease the testoerone dosage.

Increased Blood pressure is also a well known issue with TRT. Testosterone increased the red blood cells in your blood and basicly thicken the blood. This issue will dissapear often times after your body learns to response to the higher red blood cell count. Otherwise you will need to decrease your dosage or take some beta blocker (highly not recommended!)

Roid Rage and general mood change:

When taking testosterone, your mood will be increased, but often times your aggression will be alot higher when things don´t turn out the way you wanted it. This can lead up to roid rage. Roid rage is an urban word for being highly angy because of high levels of testosterone. But this is highly unlikely for normal testosterone replacement therapy dosage, which is often times much lower than 250mg/ml. Roid rage has been more seen at higher levels (<500mg/ml) used often by bodybuilders to gain unrealistic amounts of muscle mass.


Taking TRT is (with a good endocronologist/andrologist) a safe thing if needed. Often times a low testosterone level is more dangerous than a TRT. But again: Hormones are always a harsh thing for the body and you can do a lot of damage with them if supplemented wrong. It also takes a lot of trial and error to find the right spot for it. A LH Functionstest could help to determine the right dosage for it.

I hope you liked this article so far and will come back for more! I will report about my personal TRT journey and also about other health related stuff.

Keep healthy,