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The benefits of being more active


In this blog post i want to talk about what are the benefits on being more active are. It’s somehow a well known fact that doing sport & being active is considered being healthy. But what does sport or being active actually do for you? What are the real benefits? Let’s get started!



Thus who are more active, have a overall better coordination. Especially people who go out a lot in the ‘wild’ need to concentrate on their steps they take, unlikely people who walk purely only one concrete. But also a lot of different activities, such a dancing or martial arts require a good coordination. Improved coordination will give you a much higher ‘sense’ for your body and the moves you are capable of. This also will result in a higher self esteem.

the benefits of being more active

the benefits of being more active


Now, of course, being more active will result in a better condition. But why is that so? The body adapts to any kind of stress. When someone lift weights, the used muscle groups will start growing in order to adapt to the stress. But this requires a steady routine that keeps pushing the body to its limits in order to  be able to adapt to the new stress. The same goes for the cardio system. Now many ask the question: What kind of exercises trains the condition the best? The answer is: Every activity! Of course, jogging and HIIT training are probably the best ways to increase condition, at least if training condition is your main goal you want to achieve. But for all the others, even going out for a walk will increase your overall condition in a very short time period. But this is not all: A higher condition brings many benefits with it: Lower blood pressure in general, better mood, more self esteem, better stamina, overall higher athleticy. Exercises will become more ‘easier’ with a higher condition.

Better Joints

Many people these days tend to have problems with their joints. This is mainly because they simply move not enough and sit too much. The lack of exercise also decreases overall muscle mass, which leads to an unbalanced body movement and posture. If the muscle groups become unbalanced, the body tends to use his ‘joints’ to counter the lack of muscle mass, which results in a long time period to joint problems. But whats even more important than muscle mass is, is that they are balanced. If you only start to train certain muscle groups, your body will become unbalanced and this will also result in an bad overall body posture. Check out this guide if you want to know the most 3 important exercises to build muscles.

Being more active will results in better joints, since a more active person will develop muscle mass that will relax joints and support them.

Better hormonal balance

The stress hormones and transmitters can be only shut down by movement. Yes, only if you move. Now people these days tend to have a lot of stress, but they are also not moving enough. This will result in an overall ‘chronic stress state’ and can lead to many health problems. When the body can’t relax, adrenal fatigue can happen as a result. If you want to learn more about adrenal fatigue, check out this blog post i made about it. Unbalanced hormones will also result in weight gain and fat storage around the waist, something you want to prevent, especially as a man. Hormones are very important to your health, so by being more active you will benefit from a lower stressed body, which will help to balance your hormones. It also reduces the insulin hormone and your blood sugar levels.

Be able to eat without gaining weight

Being more active will result automatically in being able to eat more. Calories get burned by being active, therefore, the more you move, the more you can eat. Now calories are not always calories, since hormones play also a huge part on why a calorie is not a calorie. In fact, many people loss a round amount of weight with even small activities. You don’t need to run miles, even 10-30 minutes activity per day will do the job!

Better blood flow

By being more active, you are also training your whole cardio system. By doing so, you lower blood pressure and also the flexibility of your cardio system. This will result in a better blood flow. If you are going for a walk, the body needs to increase the blood flow to the muscles in the legs to guarantee enough strength for the walk. This increases the blood flow. If you repeat this, your body will adapt and will have, even when sitting, a better blood flow. A good blood flow is important to deliver all cells and muscles with important nutrition and oxygen. This will also increase blood flow to the face and give you are more pinky, healthier look.

Stronger digestion system

Yes, being more active will result in an better digestion system. The digestion system is very sensitive to the mental state and the overall health of someone. Normally, stress will show its effects often times primary in the digestion system, by decreasing hunger, feeling bloated, full, stomach pain and diarrhoea. Since stress is also correlated to not being active enough, doing some kind of activities will improve your digestion system indirectly. A strong digestion system is important to digest all nutritions inside the food you consume. Movement helps also with bowel movement and this will make sure that no ‘old’ digested food will stay for too long inside your body.

Helps the love life

Now i won’t go into detail here, but being more active will result in a higher stamina and also better blood flow, both things that will also improve your love life in general. Especially guys with erection problems will benefit from doing some kind of activities a lot, since being more active will results in higher nitric oxide blood flow, which is important for the erection. Its also not a secret that lifting weights will increase testosterone production and therefore your libido.



Now i could go on and on with all the benefits someone gets by being more active, but i think its pretty clear to this point that activity in general will improve your overall health in almost every aspect! And this without any miles you need to run or any other kind of time consuming activities! It’s totally fine if you just go out for a walk, or jog for 10 minutes. Swimming, playing some kind of sports you enjoy or even just doing some basic stretches will improve your overall health and hormone system.

If you want to know how to be more active & and how to jog, check out this guide, which will teach you all the steps you need in order to be more active.


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