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Ever heard of Tongkat Ali? No? Well, it’s probably one of the most potent herbs out there. It has many health benefits, but is also well known for its testosterone boosting abilities and as well the fact that it increases blood flow down there.

The good

Tongkat Ali is probably the most potent herb out there that boosts testosterone levels like no other herb. Only a tip of a tea spoon is needed for one day. It shows its effects in just a few minutes after consumption. Tongkat Ali increases the libido and increases blood flow. It also supports the liver and lowers stress levels. However, a herb or an vitamin / mineral that boosts testosterone will also always lower stress level, since testosterone and stress are the exact opposite. It not only raises testosterone levels, but also keeps SHBG from binding free testosterone. By doing so, free testosterone levels are available for the cells and the muscles. Make sure to buy only the 200:1 extract, since its the most powerful form out there. In fact, its so strong that it can be sometimes ‘too much’ or too ‘harsh’ for someone.

The Bad

Tongkat Ali is very expensive. 2.2 pounds costs over 100$. Luckily, you only need a tea spoon. But still, its very expensive compared to other herbs. The taste is also very very bitter. Even a fruit smoothie turns out bitter with just a tea spoon of Tongkat Ali. It also can make you sometimes a little bit more tired (almost like after too much coffee) but thats really rare. Also, a lot of Tongkat Ali extracts on the market are under dosed or not in the 200:1 form. Some people claim that when your Tongkat Ali isn’t tasting bitter, its probably under-dosed. I can’t speak here for myself, since i only used a very bitter one.


Where to buy?

You can find Tongkat Ali on Amazon. Here is one that has the 200:1 form and is also not that expensive (click on the image to get to the product)


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