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Testosterone Replacement vs HCG Therapy

Hey there! You are probably on the search if you should consider taking TRT or HCG, want to have second opinion (very important when you look at some of the doctors we have today) or simply want to inform yourself what the difference is. So lets jump right into it.


What is HCG?

HCG, also known as Human chorionic gonadotropin, is a normally a hormone produced by the embryo. Wait what? Yes! You have readed that correctly! HCG is at a normal state not existend in the human body. But why is HCG than even considered as a TRT alternative? Well, lets dive into the materia a little bit. 


Your pituitary gland produces a lot of hormones, which stimulate the synthesis of other hormones, such as: Testosterone, Estrogen, Cortisol and even your sperm production. We will talk about LH & FSH in this case, because those are the most important for you as a man. 




LH, Luteinizing Hormone, is the hormone which stimulates testosterone production in your testicles. If you go on TRT, your body will shut down FH and your natural body testosterone production will shut down as well. 


The same with FSH. FSH stimulates the sperm production in your testicles. While TRT is not actually harming the sperm production, it still shuts down FSH on a long term. 


If LH and FSH goes down, your testicle size will too. Thats the reason for atrophy when you are on TRT. The body recognizes he has enough Testosterone and just simply shuts down. LH and FSH are very sensitive to testosterone levels. 


Why does HCG exactly in the male body?

To make it simple: HCG docks at the same receptors as the LH hormone. This leads to non existend atrophy, even when on high levels on TRT. HCG acts in the male body similiar to LH, which is amazing. Even when your LH levels are bottom low, HCG still stimulates the testicles to produce testosterone. Which means that you don´t will “crash” when you go off on your TRT (for whatever reason that may be). 


With that in mind, its pretty understandable now why your testicles won´t shrink when you take HCG. But because of that, HCG is also an excellent TRT alternative!


When is HCG better than TRT?


HCG is better than TRT in the case that you don´t suffer from primary hypogonadism, which means that your testicles aren´t working right anymore. 


Secondary hypogonadism is a problem with your pituitary gland and therefore if you put an LH mimicker inside your body (HCG), your testicles produce testosterone. 


The thing about HCG is: You only stimulate an hormone that is non existend anymore in your body. You don´t replace in this case anything, unlike in a TRT. 


HCG also have non to little side effects. But again, only when you suffer from secondary hypogonadism. 


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I hope you enjoyed this article and that i could help you out!