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In this blog post we are going to take a look at proofed way’s to increase your testosterone levels. I’m pretty sure you already know what testosterone does to the body and why you want to keep it high. There a few different approaches to increase your testosterone levels, however, food and supplements are probably the most important factors. Often times, people claim that a lifestyle changes (more sleep etc.) are needed in order to increase testosterone levels. This is only to some degree true, as i will explain later on. The most important factor is the diet. So let’s get started.


#The no no’s

Let’s take a look at the absolute ‘no no’s’ when it comes to testosterone. Like mentioned earlier, many people suggest to make certain lifestyle changes in order to boost testosterone levels. More sleep, less stress, more exercises, cold showers and so on are the most common tips people give. While some of them help definitely, other may probably not. Sleeping not enough is always a sign of hormone unbalances. To suggest someone to ‘sleep more’ isn’t probably the best idea, since balancing the hormones will automatically lead to a better sleep. Also, higher testosterone levels result in a quicker recovery time overall, which contributes to the idea: more sleep = higher levels. Sure, sleeping is important, but it won’t give you automatically higher testosterone levels. Cold showers and doing regular exercises are on the other hand good lifestyle tips. Cold showers help to reduce inflammation inside the body, which increases testosterone. Exercises, especially workouts (lifting, crossfire etc.) are increasing testosterone levels right after the workout. The body does that because it tries to repair the ‘damage’ caused by the exercises. But this works only when your body has the right fuel and the right amount of minerals and vitamins to produce enough testosterone, which is why diet always be the most important factor that comes into play in order to boost testosterone levels in the short and long term.

If you are not already working out and looking for a way to get more fit and start doing more exercises, check out my guide on how to be more fit. Before you spend money on a gym, try to do calisthenics.  A calisthenic workout relies on body movements you can do without the use of any weights. Stretching is also very important, especially when you start to gain muscle: Without proper stretching you will start to develop stiffness, which is something you should prevent. Losing weight is also never an bad idea. Not only will your body be much healthier and fitter, it also boost testosterone levels. Having high percentage of bad fat can mess with your hormones. Also, fat in the belly and waist area tend to aromatize estrogen, the female hormone. By losing weight, you decrease those conversions of estrogen. Together with calisthenics and a healthy diet, you’ll lose plenty of pounds, without even trying.


#Foods foods foods


Now let’s have a look at the diet. As i mentioned earlier, the diet is the most important key factor that comes into play when someone tries to boost his testosterone levels. But why is that so? The body needs nutrition to be able to produce hormones. When we talk about nutrition, we talk about minerals, vitamins and fats. Before the body is even able to produce new hormones, it needs fats. Cholesterol is transformed into cholesterin and then into pregnenolone, a base hormone for every other hormone. But fat equals not fat. There are saturated and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats are the ‘bad’ fats. They are found in ready  meals (avoid at all times) and in butter, meat, eggs etc. Unsaturated fats are the ‘good’ fats. They are found in fish, nuts, vegetables.

Meat is in general not bad (i don’t eat any) but the problem are the additives in it. When you eat meat, eat only grass fed  meat. It’s costly, but totally worth it. Also, when you use salt, use Himalayan salt. It contains many minerals, such as magnesium, potassium, manganese and so much more! It also taste much better than standard salt, because of its high mineral profile.

Himalayan Salt for under 10$

Since many unsaturated fats are coming from nuts, fish and vegetables, you should increase those in your diet and decrease saturated fat sources like chips, meat, butter, milk etc. Below i will show you what you should buy on your next supermarket visit. Let’s get started with nuts.


Nuts have so many health benefits, it’s just incredible. They contain many different minerals, such as zinc (which is very important for the testosterone synthenisis), magnesium, potassium and so much more. The good thing is: Nuts are easy to transport and can be eaten almost everywhere. The bad thing is, they are somehow costly. Peanuts are the most cheapest ones, cashews and almonds are more expensive, but still affordable.

For your next visit in the shopping mall, make sure to buy:

  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Peanuts
  • Also as milk (cashew milk for example).



Now, i don’t eat meat, but i know many of you do. If you do eat meat, make sure it’s grass fed only and also pay some good amount of money for it (otherwise, you could use nuts as an alternative source or fish). Pretty much all meat boost testosterone levels, however, red meat increases most of the total testosterone levels. Chicken meat is also very good because of its protein source.



Fish is an excellent choice for unsaturated fats. It also contains a lot of omega 6 and omega 3 fats, which is good for your heart and of course, your testosterone levels. All fish is good, but salmon is probably the best tasting fish out there. I can only recommend it.

A salmon once or twice per week makes sure you get plenty of important fats and proteins.


Vegetables & Fruits

Vegetables and fruits contain many vitamins, minerals and even proteins and fats. They are not hard to digest and contribute to a healthy digestion overall, which makes them perfect for boosting testosterone levels. Now before you ask: “How much vegetables and fruits should i eat per day?” lets first have a look on all the different vegetables, fruits and their health benefits to the body.


  • Broccoli binds excess estrogen and acts as an estrogen blocker. By doing this, it supports the body in order to produce more testosterone. As almost every vegetable / fruit, it has almost all vitamins and minerals in it. Eating 5-6 broccoli heads every second day will boost testosterone levels.
  • Green salad (all variations) help with colon movement. Colon movement is important to release toxins and digested food early. When your colon isn’t moving too much, it can cause inflammation. Inflammation leads to an overall more ‘stressed’ body state and therefore to lower testosterone levels. The more green salads you eat, the more often you will visit the toilet. Add 2-3 salads every day to your daily diet (you can mix it with fruits in a mixer as well, if you don’t like the taste).
  • Avocado is a more expensive vegetable, however, its totally worth the price. Its great as a source for healthy fats and proteins. It taste very good (avocado sushi is probably my favorite sushi) and gives any smoothie or salad some more ‘heavy’ taste to it. By eating 2-3 avocados you make sure to get enough fats.
  • Beans are very dense in minerals and vitamins. But they are very good as a protein source. Proteins are important for testosterone levels as well, because they keep the body in an anabolic state, which is something you want when you do your workouts.
  • Garlic & Onions are natural anti-viral sources. They support and strength your immune system. Onions are great to any salad and garlic can be used as an additive to fish. Only small amounts will already help your body. Add those in between.

Those are the most important vegetables when it comes to testosterone levels. However, of course every vegetable is contributing to your health and can be added all the time to your daily diet. With that being said, let’s talk about fruits


  • Blueberries are also anti viral and support your liver by detoxifying your body. Blueberries can be mixed together with almond / cashew milk.
  • Bananas. Now I’m not a big fan of bananas, but they contain a lot of magnesium, which is needed for testosterone synthesis. You can make a simply banana shake with almond milk and 2-3 bananas every day. Oats can be also used to add more zinc and other minerals to your shake.
  • Strawberries, Oranges contain a lot of vitamin c, an also very important vitamin. They also deliver a lot of fructose, which fires up your metabolic rate.

As already mentioned with the vegetables, you can use any fruit you’d like. Blueberries, Bananas and strawberries build a good foundation for boosting your testosterone levels.

You can also make delicious milkshakes. Here’s one i recommend:

Its simply unsweetened almond milk, gluten free oats, 3 bananas. You can use any milk you want for that.


The ‘How to apply this to my daily routine’ Guide

You are probably thinking: ‘Well, those tips are great, but how do i apply this to my daily routine?’ It’s always ‘hard’ to adapt a new diet at the beginning, so here’s a quick and simple guide on how to implement those tips in your diet. It’s just an example, you can of course change it the way you want it. Keep in mind, that changing your diet takes some effort, however, once your body has adapted to it, you will feel the difference, especially once the testosterone goes up.


Banana Oat Shake.

What you’ll need:

  • Bananas
  • Milk (Almond, Cashew etc.)
  • Oats (make sure to use gluten free)

Simply mix it together. Done. Of course you can still drink your coffee in the morning.


Nuts / Seeds snacks / Coffee (if you like)

  • Sunflower seeds & cashew nuts
  • Smoothie (you can prepare one in the morning and take it with you or buy one, that contains some of the mentioned fruits & vegetables)


Salmon with sweet potato salad

What you’ll need:

  • Salmon
  • 1 Lemon
  • 1 Sweet Potato
  • Salad with onions (or whatever you like)

Simply bake the salmon and the sweet potato in the oven, squeeze a lemon over it. Cut the sweet potato in the mid in two halves and put the salat in between. And it’s done.

This was just an really basic & simple example. In the end, its all up to you and what you like. You know now which kind of foods you should choose in order to boost your testosterone levels, its completely up to you how you combine them or plan your daily routine. With that being said, let’s head over to the supplement part.


Now i already wrote some blog posts about supplements that will boost testosterone levels here. However, i will go in this blog post more into depth when it comes to all the kind of different supplements to boost testosterone levels. Keep in mind that supplements are really helpful and most of time not a waste of money. The only time supplements won’t do anything or are not worth the money, is when you already in an healthy state  / have high testosterone levels. That is probably why some people ‘don’t feel anything’ and others do. If your levels already high, supplements won’t do too much. But this happens rarely, since many people are low in many different minerals and vitamins.

The supplements are categorized by herbs and by minerals / vitamins to stay organized.



Important minerals for testosterone are: Magnesium, potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc. Magnesium binds free testosterone and by doing so, makes it available for the body. Normally, testosterone binds to SHBG and gets ‘deactivated’. But be careful: Magnesium, potassium should be never overdosed, so always use the recommended dosages. Magnesium can be applied, if someone is medical healthy, with a dosage of 1000-1500mg per day. Always check how you feel and adjust down if you don’t feel well with high dosages like that. Potassium is not really necessary, but can be used in small dosages like 300mg. Calcium is important for the bones and the nerve system. Honestly, you can try out an calcium supplement, but its unlikely that you are low in it. Manganese on the other hand is also used by the body to balance hormones and other minerals and its pretty cheap. Zinc is probably the most important mineral. It is directly used for the testosterone production. Dosages should be between 30-90mg per day. The official recommendation by the FDA is at 10 or 15 mg for men, which is way to low for someone who has a deficiency.

When using zinc supplements, make sure to only use the zinc picolinate form, as its the most potent form out there. Other forms are not well absorbed or at least not as good as picolinate. Thorne has great supplements (i’m not sponsored by them) and they offer a great quality / price deal.

Magnesium should be applied transdermal, this way, you make sure its 100% absorbed by the body (orally magnesium is not fully absorbed by the body). Life-flo offers probably the most cheapest, yet the most potent form of magnesium: magnesium-chloride. It comes as a oil solution and has also other minerals in it. It lasts over a few months if applied every few days / second day.



Vitamins support the bodies metabolic system. Each and every vitamin has its very own role in the body, some overlapping the role of another vitamin. For example, vitamin c helps and supports the immune system, but it also is needed for testosterone production. Zinc on the other hand also supports the immune system and is used as well for testosterone production. But this doesn’t mean that you can “over jump” zinc and use vitamin c only instead.

The important vitamins for testosterone are:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A

Vitamin C should be only bought buffered. This way, its way better absorbed than non buffered vitamin C. When you already eat plenty of fruits and vegetables as recommended above, vitamin c supplementation is not necessary, but can be still used if you are unsure. Vitamin D is actually an hormone and is produced when sun hits the skin (sun bathing). Many people are low in vitamin D these days and its highly linked to lower testosterone levels. I wrote already an blog post about it, you can look it up here. Besides going out in the sun, supplementing vitamin d can be very useful. Dosages should start at 1000UI-10.000UI per week. Make sure to be medical healthy before supplementing vitamin D, since it also has a lot of side effects when overdosed (unlikely, but possible). Vitamin E is important for the liver and to detoxify the body. Its also an hormone and not an vitamin. Dosages should be at 400UI (which is very high). Keep in mind that with those two hormones you need to be a little bit careful. So listen to your body and if not sure, go take a blood test to see if you are too high in those vitamins (again, unlikely, but its possible). Vitamin A is found especially in meat and helps in reducing inflammation in the body. By doing so, it indirectly boosts testosterone production. Vitamin A can be used without any worries and is also not very expensive.

The B Vitamins play a special role in the male body (and of course in the female as well, but this guide is mostly about testosterone). B Vitamins have probably the widest range of roles in the body and play a huge part in well being and overall healthiness. They support the body in the detoxification, support the liver, gallbladder, gut, stomach, muscles and even nerves. When one B vitamin is low, others are probably low as well. B6 & B12 play a huge role in energy management and testosterone production. B12, Zinc and Magnesium are the main factors beside cholesterol in the testosterone production. Now, there are many good supplements out there and of course, you could buy each and every B vitamin by their own, but these days many companies offer good B Vitamin complexes with high dosages. However, i would always recommend taking beside a B vitamin complex with  B12 / B6 supplements. This way, you always make sure that you have enough of those 2 very important B vitamins. The other B vitamins are important as well, but again, this is about testosterone production, so keep an eye especially at B12 / B6. As an good supplement for the B Complex i can recommend this one:It contains all B vitamins, zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium and so much more. You should definitely check that out.



Now that we took a look the important vitamins and minerals, its time to talk about herbs. Herbs are very useful, especially when the body is already fueled up with important minerals and vitamins. Herbs can actually increase testosterone levels to a very high degree, but only when the body already have all important ‘tools’ to produce testosterone.  Now there are many, many different herbs that boost testosterone, but we will take a look at those who i also recommend and used.


Ashwagandha is a traditional herb that is used by the indian traditional medicine as remedy for low energy, low libido and erectile dysfunction. It lowers cortisol and boosts testosterone levels by increasing LH in the pituitary gland. It has many many many more health benefits and is an incredible herb like no other.

Macca Root is an herb that boost testosterone levels to very high levels. It increases libido just a few minutes after taking it and also gives energy. Some people say that they had digestion problems when using Macca Root Powder, however, i, myself, never experienced something like that. Macca also supports the liver and helps to produce antioxidants.

Tongkat Ali is probably the most potent herb when it comes to boosting testosterone levels. It is also well known as “Longjack” under native tribes, which, i think, explains it by itself. Tongkat Ali is very expensive, especially in the 200:1 form, that is the most potent form out there. Indigo herbs (again, not sponsored by them) offer a great deal for the powder, but they are even cheaper ones. It is very bitter and has an really ‘harsh’ effect on the body, meaning you will feel the effect immediately after taking it. It also clears up the skin and increases blood flow down there. Because of its very potent effects on the LH / FSH hormones, it increases testosterone and sperm production to a very high degree, which increases the size of the place where its produced. When used, only a tip of the tea spoon is needed for a very high libido.



Many people deal today with too low testosterone levels. They main cause is not enough activity and also often times the wrong diet (american diet). In order to increase your testosterone levels, regular exercising (calesthenics for example) is needed and as well a healthy diet with a lot of unsaturated fats. Vegetables and fruits are needed to remain healthy vitamin levels. Vitamins and minerals are fuel for the bodies hormones. Herbs can be used as well.

It’s actually quiet easy to increase your testosterone levels, once you get the idea and understand what increases your libido and what not, its easy to follow the new diet. Supplements can increase the levels even higher than without them, so playing around with the suggested supplements is never a bad idea. Overall, its a combination of an healthy diet, supplements and enough activity.


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