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Are you dealing with low vitamin d3 deficiency symptoms without knowing it?


vitamin d3 deficiency

Lately, one vitamin has become very famous. It’s vitamin D3. Now if you are asking yourself: “What the hell is that?”, awesome, because we will discuss and talk about Vitamin D3 and all of its benefits and the no no’s. Lets get started!


What is Vitamin D3?

Vitamin D3 is necessary for many different functions inside the body. It plays a role in digestion, blood pressure, isootrops, hormones, libido and even in your general mood. In the last decade and years, they found out that Vitamin D3 is more important than at first expected. Many different studys found out that Vitamin D3 is actually directly linked to overall health and even at reducing cancer risk extremly. Vitamin d3 is being synthesized in our skin by sun exposure. The typical work shedule and working not ouside are the main causes for the epidemic vitamin d3 deficiency.

How do i know that i am low in Vitamin D3?

First off, by your symptoms. Second off, by a blood test. There are different Vitamin D3 parameters to measure your Vitamin D3 level but  there is actually only one that is accurate. Its the 25-OH test. Make sure, if you do an blood test, that your doctor takes only this parameter. Often times, doctors will take the wrong paramters which are not accurate. In Europe you have to pay for the test by yourself, so dont be shy and ask for the 25-OH test.

What are the symptoms of a low Vitamin D3 level?

Thats probably the most interesting one. Vitamin D3 deficiency causes alot of different symptoms. It starts with low energy. Many people low in vitamin d3 are having trouble to get enough energy. They feel tired, exhausted. Also a common symptom is no focus and having trouble to concentrate. They feel like they have constantly a brain fog. Also, since vitamin d plays a role in hormones, many people recognize a low libido and a general lose in sex. Vitamin d3 plays a huge role in testosterone production beside zinc and is proofen to boost testosterone levels. Loss of appetite is also common and a pale skin.


How to fix a Vitamin D3 deficiency?

There are supplements out there, but many of them dont contain enough Vitamin D3 to counter a real deficiency. Your supplement should contain 5000 U.I of vitamin d3. Based in your deficiency you should supplement it 1 per week. If you are really low, you can take dosages with 20.000U.I per week. Often times, a lower dose at a higher frequency(3 times per week) work better than those large dosages.

I recommend this supplement from Swanson, its cheap and it does its job.


Another way is to be simply out in the sun. Being for aa few hours out can increase your Vitamin d3 levels. But again, if you are low, you should do supplement it and go out in the sun more often.